ENGIS Product Quality and Consistency

Engis Corporation maintains a highly technical staff of scientists, engineers and chemists to support its development of superabrasive powders. This team has a wide range of expertise in diamond synthesis, characterization of diamond properties, chemical formulations and process applications which enables us to address virtually all of the challenges you may face with your diamond product performance.

Our staff has at its disposal a custom built Diamond Characterization Laboratory that includes standard commercial equipment, along with Engis custom designed and patented equipment for the characterization and testing of superabrasive powders. Additionally, we have three applications labs (HDD, Advanced Materials & Industrial Lapping Process Development ) at our disposal for applications testing. 

We use the knowledge of our technical team to work with you to develop specifications for your products and to convert those specifications into manufacturing & quality procedures that ensure:


  • Particle size distribution
  • High surface cleanliness of diamond particles
  • High purity diamond powder (low level of extrinsic & intrinsic impurities)
  • Diamond particle shape
  • Mechanical properties

Particle Size Distribution
No other company in the industry can match Engis’ ability to control PSD, particularly in the sub-micron range.

Surface Cleanliness
We have extensive experience along with the proper equipment and processes to ensure that the powders that we supply to you are 100% contaminant free.

Intrinsic & Extrinsic Impurities
At Engis we use inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) as quantitative chemical analysis, which can successfully measure the level of extrinsic and intrinsic impurities.

Dynamic Particle Shape Analysis
Irrespective of whether they are bonded into a wheel or tool, mixed into a slurry or compound, or even as a dry powder, only three dimensional abrasive particles will provide you with good cutting action.

Mechanical Properties
We measure the Mechanical Strength of both diamond or CBN crystals, which is the ability resist fracturing under static or dynamic (impact) loading. This is the most important property of the crystal and mirrors all other properties.