Hyprez Lap Plates

Engis manufactures a complete line of lap plates, including metal composite, solid metal, and fixed abrasive options. Our applications experts can recommend the best lap plate for your application.

RTesizedPlates_02 copyAn efficient lapping operation requires the selection of a proper lap plate. This selection is guided by the process objective (stock removal, fine finish), the material being lapped, and the diamond size/type used in the lapping slurry.

A composite lap plate is comprised of metal or ceramic particles in a resin matrix, allowing for efficient charging of diamond abrasive particles into the plate. This charged composite plate can significantly reduce process times and achieve a finer surface finish, often in a single step. A composite plate is also well suited for a facing device, taking the guess work out of flatness and texture control.

Hyprez® X08
Composite Iron plate with most aggressive stock removal; good alternative to cast iron

Composite copper plate; our most universal plate, often used for single step operations

Composite aluminum plate; good substitute for C250 when copper contamination is a concern

Hyprez® TX-10A
Composite tin plate; very fine finish, minimizes or replaces pad polishing to maintain flatness

Hyprez® HY Ceramic
Composite ceramic plate; used when metal free processing is required

Hyprez® Composite plate configurations

  • Sizes from 1" to 100" OD
  • Available mounted to a solid metal base, or unmounted with mounting kit
  • Wide range of grooving options: concentric, radial, spiral, square, custom


Hyprez Lap Plates chart