ENGIS The Complete Systems Approach

Powders, Slurries, Machine Tools, Plates & Pads, Accessories

Engis is in a unique position to offer you a full systems approach to your superfinishing challenges. Rather than just being a supplier of products and machines, through our three process development laboratories, we offer you efficient turnkey systems to achieve your manufacturing objectives.

We start by understanding your process needs and working with your engineers to map your objectives and challenges. We analyze your needs to customize a machine tool offering for you. As we manufacture our consumables, the third step is to design and formulate your perishables. This takes the form of electroplated tools for our honing systems, slurries, lubricants and cleaners for flat lapping. The next step we take is to carefully design the accessories, fixturing or plates, depending on your application.

The result is a single source full package solution to your manufacturing requirement. The benefit to this is that we take full responsibility for the process, and there is no risk of blame between the manufacturer of the equipment and the supplier of the perishable tooling, should there be some failure to meet the production objectives. We take responsibility for the entire system.


The Engis Process