Precision Finishing Solutions for the Automotive Industry

In addition to improving the quality of powertrain components, Engis works closely with Tier One and Tier Two manufacturers to improve quality and reduce costs on a wide variety of other automotive parts. Including critical components in braking, steering and transmission mechanisms.

Engis Single-Pass Bore Finishing Technology has brought significant quality and productivity improvements to the bores of these critical elements, and can in some applications, maintain tolerances up to 1µm in both the bore size and taper, 0.1μm in roundness and straightness and achieve finishes of 0.01 Ra under production conditions.

Some of our most successful Single-Pass applications include:

  • Brake Cylinders
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Power Steering Components
  • Transmission Gears
  • VCT Housing, Rotor and Rotor Sub-Assemblies

In addition, we offer Multi-Stroke Honing for those shops running smaller batch sizes or a wide variety of part configurations.

The Engis Precision Honing Process Development Lab offers to prototype the process and finish your components so that you can evaluate the benefits of the Engis system first hand. We do this at no charge and can even arrange for pilot production runs at our facility.

Furthermore, Engis Electrogrip® grinding wheels are utilized in a variety of grinding applications including finishing gear profiles and other precision transmission components.

For Lapping and Polishing of your critical automotive parts, we engineer a complete system that elevates both precision and performance at a reduced cost per piece.


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