Powertrain Components

Applications for Powertrain Components

Engis is a global partner in the quest to continuously improve the quality of power train components. We have worked closely with manufacturers in the Americas, Asia and Europe to improve the quality of fit and finish on a wide variety of components, while at the same time reducing cycle times, rejects and lowering overall costs.

We work with Tier I and Tier II automotive manufacturers, as well as companies involved in the production of diesel and marine engines. Our expertise in Bore Finishing/Honing, Grinding, and Lapping has produced many success stories and satisfied customers. Also, our global sales and service organization guarantees superior after-the-sale application and service support.

Some of our most successful applications include:

  • Blocks
    • DiaForZ® products for foundry cleaning rooms
    • Abrasive machining of bimetal decks for marine engines using the Engis Electromill™
  • Crankshaft – Abrasive machining of raw casting
  • Connecting Rods – Precision finishing of the bushing
  • Fuel Injectors
    • The lapping of the fuel injector tips and nozzles
    • Precision finishing of the seat
    • Single-pass honing of the injectors
  • Piston Rings – Grinding of the casting from solid and gapping
  • Rocker Arms – Precision single-pass honing
  • Turbo Chargers – Single-pass bore finishing of the housing


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