Multi-Stroke Honing 

Multi-Stroke Honing from EngisEngis, a global leader in the development of high production single-pass bore finishing systems, has now expanded its focus to include multi-stroke honing for those shops running smaller batch sizes or a wide variety of part configurations.

In the past, multi-stroke honing applications were heavily reliant on individual operator skill in order to achieve the desired quality. In addition, because honing was a manual operation, the operator was put at risk of developing either dermatitis or a possible repetitive motion injury. This is no longer the case. The new multi-stroke honing machines from Engis:

  •  Are designed to improve operator safety by incorporating hands-free operation with sensor-controlled, fail-safe interlocking guards which only allow a job to begin once the door has been securely closed.

  • Have computer controls and programmable processes that remove the "black art" from the honing process.

  • Ensure repeatability - once programmed, the machine moves to exact input values rather than needing to be physically adjusted, therefore, the possibility for human error is significantly reduced and the need for match grinding maybe eliminated.

  • Save time - CNC controls offer exact adjustments and precise control over the material removal and rate of tool expansion which saves time both in the honing process and changeovers between batches.

  • Can be set up either by touch screen or uploaded from a USB. Some machines include remote diagnostic capability which makes troubleshooting a breeze.

Whether it is for rifle barrels, hydraulic, compressor or precision automotive components, Engis has the optimal approach for every application. 


Engis PW1000 Vertical Honing Machine Vertical Cylinder Honing Machine

The Engis PW-1000 is a competitively priced vertical honing solution for large and heavy components in small to medium size batches and prototypes. This fully guarded machine has been designed for safety, durability, efficiency and economical honing.

Engis PH4000 Honing Machine Precise, Efficient and Reliable Production Honing Machines

The Engis PH-4000 and PH-5000 offer reliable and cost effective production honing providing programmable precision and easy to understand operational efficiency. Failsafe interlocks and guarding in automatic mode virtually eliminate potential for accidents.

Engis CM2000 Honing Machine Easy Operation Compact Honing Machine

The Engis CM-2000 is a compact honing machine with considerable flexibility and capability. With two button control panels and simplistic functionality, the CM-2000 is easy-to-operate, safe, reliable and ergonomic.

Engis CH1000 Honing Machine Long Bore Precision Honing Machine

The Engis CH-1000 is designed specifically to hone straight and tapered bores at lengths up to 47.2" (1200mm) achieving tolerances and geometries to below 2μ for diameters up to 2" (50mm).