Hyprez® Lapping and Polishing Slurries

As part of our complete solution, Engis manufactures a complete line of precision graded diamond slurries or aluminum oxide powder with lapping oil for achieving flatness control and excellent surface finish on a wide variety of materials.

Lubricants -CroppedWhy diamond?

  • Reduce lapping times from hours to minutes
  • Reduce slurry usage and waste from gallons to pints
  • Achieve a reflective finish in a single step, eliminate hand polishing
  • Cleaner process, cleaner parts
  • Process a wide variety of materials

Why Engis?

  • Engis is a micronizer – we purify, precision grade, disperse, and custom formulate our slurries, where others are simply repackaging. We are unequaled in our ability to precisely characterize and control particle size distributions (PSD).
  • Applications expertise – our engineers can provide the full process recommendation for your part/material - not only the best slurry formulation but also the polishing machine, lap plate or pad, accessories, and process settings.

Engis Diamond Slurries

Engis provides a broad range of diamond slurry formulations; our standard formulations are shown in the table below. Custom formulations are available. Simply choose your formulation and specify:

  • Diamond type (polycrystalline, monocrystalline)
  • Diamond size (available from 50 nm to 60 micron)
  • Package size (pints, quarts, gallons)

Our experts are happy to guide your choice of slurry based on your application, material, and requirements.


 Diamond Products Catalog


Slurry Formulations Water Soluble Oil Based Emulsion Low Viscosity (<10 cP) Med Viscosity (10 - 100 cP) High Viscosity (permanent Suspension) Only Non-Haz Components
ECOLAP 2000        
ECOLAP 1001        

Aluminum Oxide powder with Lapping Oil

  • Low cost and recyclable
  • Used for achieving matte finish
  • Powder sizes from 5 – 50 micron