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Quality of your hydraulic system plays a vital role in the performance and reliability of your products. A critical factor to this performance is the fit between the spool and the valve bore. Achieving optimal clearance between these two components results in improved performance, lower propensity for leaking, better hysteresis, fewer repairs and increased reliability.

Engis Single-Pass Bore Finishing, and Multi-Stroke Honing technologies deliver superior-fitting bores. We have over 35 years of focused experience in the development of Single-Pass technology, specifically for hydraulic applications.

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  • Better Quality Components
  • Better Mating of the Spool and Valve
  • Fewer Leaks
  • Better Performance

Our four Process Development labs work together with you to achieve your production objectives in terms of fit, finishes and overall manufacturing cost and part quality. No other company has in-depth expertise in diamond and CBN characteristics, or the capacity to engineer complete superabrasive finishing systems as Engis. Let our drive and competitive spirit help you accomplish your goals.

Learn how Engis helped improve productivity at Bobcat® by 300%.

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