CBN Wheels Deliver Results for Bandsaw Sharpening

Large bandsaws for stationary mills are usually sharpened either with conventional or zirconia abrasives in vitrified or resinoid bonds. These wheels require continuous dressing by the saw filer to retain the profile and prevent the wheels from burning the blade. Engis CBN electroplated wheels on a steel core offer significant advantages over the conventional abrasive wheels.

These include:   

  • No loss of profile during grinding, no dressing required
  • Cooler cutting CBN results in less metallurgical damage to the blade; moreover, longer life between re-grinds
  • No need to re-open the wheel face
  • The bandsaw itself is sharper after grinding and runs at higher production speeds
  • No abrasive dust generated that can damage machine components
  • Eliminates the possibility of wheel breakage
  • No loss in wheel diameter during grinding; wheel continues to operate at the optimum peripheral speed
  • Wheel cores can be recycled and replated, thus reducing waste

Our tests at large mills in North America have proven tangible benefits to the mill not only in faster production levels but more efficient saw filing and sharpening operations.


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