Dia-ForZ Foundry Products

Dia-ForZ Diamond Tooling for Foundry

Dia-ForZ diamond plated grinding wheels offer several significant advantages over conventional bonded abrasive wheels in many foundry applications.
  • Increased safety
  • Increased cutting action - Better ergonomics and less fatigue
  • Longer wheel life – Higher productivity and lower costs
  • No loss of wheel diameter or peripheral wheel speed due to wheel wear
  • Virtually no grinding dust from wheel wear

Dia-ForZ_grinding Type 27 LargeDia-ForZ Diamond Grinding Wheels for Hand Grinding

  • Portable Type 1, Type 6, and Type 27 versions
  • Cut-off wheels
  • Burrs, cones, and plugs
  • Custom applications and designs




Dia-ForZ Diamond Grinding Wheels for Robotic Cells

Dia-ForZ Diamond Grinding Wheels for Robotic Cells
  • Diamond wheels specifically designed for use in today's automation and robotic work cell
  • Increased uptime and throughput
  • No offsets and wheel wear
  • Decreased environmental impact
  • Reduce airborne particles – cleaner work cells
  • The consistent wheel speed and wear rates provide greater process stability

Strip and Replate Service on any wheel blank regardless of the original manufacturer.

Click here to learn more about Engis Re-Plating/Reconditioning Service.


Dia-Forz Product DevelopmentDia-Forz Product Development

Our product development never stands still. Our team of product engineers is working on a number of new Dia-ForZ products to complete our product offerings. We have Cut-Off wheels, Type 6 cup wheels, and Stand Grinder wheels. We work with casting materials beyond gray, ductile, and malleable iron, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, high nickel alloys, and aluminum. 

Please contact us with your specialty application to design and provide you a wheel for your specific applications.