Electromill – Superabrasive Milling Cutters and Grinders

Superabrasive electroplated products for precision applications. For the most demanding applications such as high strength alloys, ceramics, fiberglass pipe, and composites.  Superabrasive milling cutter and grinding wheels.

Electromill™ Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

Replace expensive, complex indexable tungsten carbide or PCD milling cutters in high volume production finishing applications. Achieve consistently providing accurate flatness and part tolerances.

ElectroMill used successfully applied in marine, small-engine, automotive, off-road, agriculture, aerospace, defense and other industries - across a wide variety of components as well as ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic materials.


  • Tool life of the ElectroMill has proven to be 50,000 pieces, consistently.
  • The mills are then sent back to Engis for strip and re-plate.
  • Tool quality, dimensional accuracy and life repeatability are the same as the original mill.

Learn more about Engis Re-Plating/Reconditioning Service; click here.


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