Polishing Accessories

Engis offers a wide array of accessories coupled with the various hand tools 

or manual operations. These include lapping sticks, polishing & ceramic stones, felt & wood bobs, diamond & steel files, toolholders, and polishing brushes. See our complete line of products in our catalog.


Engis Polishing Accessories

Polishing Accessories


DiaMold® Polishing Stones

Engis offers a complete range of finishing stones used by hand or with a reciprocating hand piece. Various aluminum oxide and silicon carbide stones are available ranging in grit sizes from 100-600.

DiaMold Ceramic Stones are made from the finest ceramic fiber with a special resin binder. They are virtually unbreakable and work well in small detailed areas used by hand or with a reciprocating hand piece. 

DiaMold® Rotary Finishing Tools

Felt Bobs are available in a variety of hardnesses (medium, hard, rock hard) as well as shapes (cylindrical, cone) and sizes. They also can be formed to fit your particular application.

Wood Bobs are made of a highly compressed hard wood laminated in layers with plastic. The grain direction is perpendicular to the circumference to assure uniform lapping surface and efficient charging. Available shapes and sizes are similar to the felt bobs.

Brushes are made of high quality, natural stiff bristle material. They hold DiaMold compound longer, provide more cutting action at lower production costs while offering long life.

Diamond and Steel Files

Diprofil Diamond Files are made from carefully selected quality diamonds. They are bonded to obtain the best physical properties for added strength and resistance to wear. Diamond files are excellent for EDM scale removal and for use on carbide, hardened steel, ceramics and other hard materials.

Diprofil steel files are for use on soft and semi-hardened steel as well as other materials of low and medium hardness.


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