Engis History

"Engineered” “High Quality” and “Precision” have been the hallmarks of Engis® Corporation’s products and trademarks since its founding in 1939 by Julius P. Steindler, Dipl. Engineer.   Beginning with offices in Chicago and the UK, the company evolved from a company initially importing and exporting precision products and instrumentation to becoming recognized a as premier international manufacturer of superabrasive finishing systems.

Engis Hyprez® Diamond Compounds were first developed in the 1940’s to meet new and critical industrial requirements for consistently achieving  micron level surface finishes on a large scale production basis. Since that time the company’s product range expanded to include diamond slurries, diamond tools and specialized machines and equipment for grinding, honing, lapping and polishing applications capable of producing finishes measured at nanometer levels.

In order to provide our customers with technical, sales and logistical service and support, the company also expanded its international operations.  In addition to its manufacturing headquarters in Wheeling Illinois and the Helical Lap & Manufacturing Co, in Michigan, the company has established subsidiaries in Canada, England, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and mainland China.  A network of distributors and agents further enhances and compliments our international presence.

The company remains a privately owned, third generation, family business committed to ”JP’s” standard for delivering innovative technical solutions through high quality precision products designed and engineered to meet our customer’s requirements.