Engis® Micron Diamond and CBN Powders

Engis® Micron Diamond and CBN Powders - Particle Size Distribution (PSD)

Engis employs a variety of measurement techniques and analyzers for the determination of Particle Size Distribution of micron diamond and CBN powders. This guarantees the diamond powder you purchase from Engis is graded to internal specifications which equal or exceed ANSI and FEPA Standards and are controlled under our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

The Particle Size Distribution of a powder is determined by analyzing a large number of the particles and developing a PSD for the sample. The PSD is then used to verify conformance to the required size specification. Four characteristics of the PSD must meet specification for the powder to be accepted; typically those characteristics are 5% (minimum), Mean/Median, 95% (maximum) and 99.9% (largest particle).

No other company in the industry can match Engis’ ability to control PSD, particularly in the sub-micron range.

  • Electrozone sensing technique using the Beckman-Coulter Multisizer III
  • Uses the Coulter principle to measure particle volume and diameter
  • High resolution with digital pulse processing and 300 channel range
  • Disk centrifuge (sedimentation) technique using the CPS DC24000
  • Particle size derived from sedimentation time under centrifugal force
  • Very high resolution technique that can cleanly separate narrow peaks that differ in size by as little as 2%