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Engis Corporation: Revolutionizing Grinding Technology

Dec 15, 2023 11:42:19 AM / by Engis Marketing

Engis® Corporation’s Innovative Grinding Technology Proves Successful at Leading SiC Wafer Manufacturer

In follow-up to the successful qualification of two Engis Grinding Systems at a prominent US manufacturer of SiC wafers last year, Engis announced today they will now be shipping an additional two grinding systems to the same manufacturer.

“We are committed to continuing our efforts to drive investment and production costs down with our grinding system and grinding wheels for SiC ingot and wafer production” commented Sean Gilmore, the President of Engis Corporation.

The state-of-the-art grinding system, with a fully automated enhanced multi-spindle (Engis’ Hyprez® EAG model), is specially configured for coarse and fine grinding of SiC ingot and wafers up to 200mm.

The EAG provides a low capital, low operating expenditure solution for high precision wafering, giving an economic benefit to wafer manufacturers. The machine includes non-contact, in-situ thickness measurement techniques for targeted wafer thickness control.

The aim of any wafering technique is to produce ultra-flat wafers in a fully automatic cassette-to-cassette operation for grinding SiC wafers on both sides and to develop a tailored ‘Grind-to-CMP Process’ for all wafers sliced. (i.e. laser splitting, wire-based slicing).” stated Giho Lee, the Hyprez Business Group Manager.

Investing in the new single- and dual-spindle grinding system dramatically reduces initial capital expenditure and total cost of ownership. Combining the new tools with Engis grinding wheels enables you to achieve optimum performance in terms of wheel life and surface roughness.

Engis plans to make substantial further investments in Engis tools going forward.

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