Bore Finishing – Single-Pass and Multi-Stroke

Engis Single-Pass and Precision Bore Finishing Systems ... Specialty Single Pass Bore Finishing Machines and Tools, Multi-Stroke Honing Machines.

For high volume manufacturing applications Engis Single-Pass bore finishing systems are the unsurpassed solution in:

  • Reducing labor costs through automated systems
  • Lowing cost per bore through long tool life
  • Predictable, consistent results (SPC values >2.0 Cpk)
  • Improved bore quality
  • Eliminating rejects/rework
  • Less frequent part inspection
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Higher production rates
  • Backed by the experience of the Engis team

For lower volume applications, Engis multi-stroke honing systems provide maximum flexibility for change-overs along with advanced safety features.

What sets Engis apart is our unique approach in providing the ENTIRE SYSTEM – machine & controls, tooling & fixtures, automation and process development – this gives complete control over the process and results.  Combining our application knowledge, process development laboratory and full system solutions, Engis is in a distinct position to optimize your part quality, decrease cycle times and reduce costs.