Diamond Compounds

Polishing Compounds

Engis offers a comprehensive range of diamond compounds (and lubricants) for polishing a variety of materials including carbide, tool steels, ceramic and aluminum.  Known for our consistency and quality, our compounds (oil or water soluble) deliver the performance needed to get the job done.  Available in micron sizes from 1/10 to 60.  Syringe sizes (grams): 5,10,18,50,100.  Other container sizes are available. 


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DiaMold® Compounds

Hyprez® FiveStar



Formulated for general purpose use, an economic solution that delivers quality results in many mold & die applications. 

Combines the excellent cutting characteristics of natural diamond with the durability of synthetic diamonds, into an all-purpose, precision blend. Clean up with either oil or water-based products. Eliminates polishing steps, resulting in better quality finish produced in less time.

Hyprez® L Compounds

Hyprez®W Compound

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Formulated for general purpose use, an economic solution that delivers quality results in many mold & die applications. Water soluble formula that cleans easily from the work-piece. Suitable for high luster polishing, but which might be affected by an oil-based compound.

Hyprez ®SC Compound

DiaMold High Intensity Polish

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Superior lubrication properties that enhance cut rate without sacrificing finish. Adheres to workpiece/ tool. High vaporization point permits working on precooled molds. Safely cleans and removes haze, plate out, oxidation and stains from metal services. Ideal for the final finish, wipes off quickly, resulting in a high luster without leaving residue. 


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Polishing Compounds


Hyprez® Lubricants




Hyprelube® is a synthetic based lubricant formulated to be used with either our FiveStar® or our DiaMold® diamond compounds. This superior lubricant, with its penetrating qualities and oil/water solubility, not only increases the cutting action, but assures superior lubrication of every diamond particle  throughout the polishing cycle. 

OS Type IV Lubricant

This low-viscosity , oil soluble lubricant is compatible with DiaMold® and other oil based diamond compounds. 

W Lubricant

This water-based lubricant is compatible with Five-Star® and other water based compounds.