Minimo Finishing Systems

The Minimo One Series hand finishing system is designed to provide accuracy and reliability while being comfortable and natural to use.  An innovative hand switch, built into the hand piece itself, is just one of the features that makes Minimo extremely versatile.  Another key feature is the interchangeability of the motor and head assemblies. The various types available are Ultrasonic, rotary, lateral, angled, belt sander, and reciprocating.

  • Polytor Ultrasonic Handpiece
  • Standard Rotary Straight Head Handpiece
  • Rubron Lateral Swing Handpiece
  • Anglon Angle Head Handpiece
  • Mini-Belt Sander
  • Reciprocating Handpiece
    Minimo Finishing Systems

Power Packs

C2112 DC Power Pack (ReplaceS C311 & C111)  

2 Standard Handpiece Stations

60 VA

Input Voltage: C115V + 5% (50/60 Hz)

Output Voltage: DC 1-30 V AC

144mm (W) x 218mm (D)  x 116mm

5.5 lbs (2.5kg)

1 Ultrasonic Handpiece Station


Input Voltage: AC100~AC240V (50/60 Hz)

Output Voltage: See below

11mm (W) x 221mm (D) x 116mm (H)


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  • This High-end power pack includes new functions for maximizing the performance of Minitor handpieces.
  • The C2112 power pack identifies the type of handpieces which are connected indicates rotation speed and controls optimum torque.
  • Also, compatible with the earlier handpieces which do not have the motor identification chip. 
  • Convenient digital display of output rate (%).
  • Includes RM11 Rubber Cradle, CA11 Power Cord, and PFU-2.OA Fuse.


  • The P30 is equipped with a feedback feature to detect overloading. 
  • FEatures and audible beep that lets you know when the handpiece is turned ON?OFF or when the tool is overloaded. This feature allows the handpiece to perform to its full capacity without damaging itself or power pack. 
  • Output Voltage: 27W max. (Stroke Control, Power Mode On), 18W max. (Stroke Control, Power Mode On), and 18W max. (Voltage Control) 
  • Includes RM11 Rubber Cradle.
  • CA11 (115V) power cord and US21 Ultrasonic handpiece are sold separately.

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