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Precision Solutions for Firearm Manufacturers

For years, Engis has worked closely with manufacturers of handguns, as well as sporting and military rifles, to improve product consistency and lower costs.

Engis Bore Finishing Systems have been successfully used in the precision honing of the barrel before rifling. Our Single-Pass Bore Finishing Technology improves the roundness and straightness of the barrel, enhancing the cosmetics which are crucial to the quality conscious firearms enthusiast. In some cases, we have also improved the accuracy of bores in precision trigger assemblies.

Our electroplated Bore Finishing Tools can be used on either soft or hardened metal barrels up to 20” in length.

Benefits of Single-Pass technology include:

  • Improved straightness in the barrel
  • Better barrel roundness
  • A more uniform finish
  • Increased tool life vs reamers
  • Lower costs

In our DiaMold™ division, you will find a complete range of diamond compounds and rotary polishing products for the finishing of Ammunition Tooling and Gun Components.


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