Controlled Diamond Properties

Consistent Application Performance

Our objective is to ensure consistent performance in each application by supplying micron diamond and CBN products whose properties are precisely defined and controlled

Each micron diamond and CBN product is designed, manufactured & qualified to possess a specific set of chemical & physical properties which ensure its performance in your particular application.

Powder Products

Engis is unsurpassed in its ability to customize high quality diamond and CBN powders for any application including:

  • Feedstock for PCD & PCBN manufacturing
  • Micron diamond powder for precision grinding wheel manufacturing
  • High precision diamond for the hard disk drive industry
  • Advanced Materials processing (silicon carbide, sapphire, III-V nitrides)
  • Optics and electronics polishing applications

Product Quality & Consistency

Our unique expertise in the characterization of micron diamond powders with respect to:

  • Particle size
  • Particle shape
  • Surface cleanliness
  • Purity
  • Crushing strength
  • Fracture characteristics
  • Enables Engis to manufacture consistent high quality micron diamond and CBN with properties that ensure consistent performance in each application.

Technical Support

Engis provides comprehensive technical support to our entire customer base by providing:

  • Significant research and development commitment
  • Joint projects aimed at product application and product development
  • Application trouble-shooting