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    The single-pass bore finishing process was originally developed to improve the bore quality of cast iron components, such as hydraulic valve bodies. For many years it was thought that while ideally suited for similar through-bore applications, its use would be limited. However, the Engis Corporation, having foreseen its potential, has developed this single-pass process and tooling to a point where almost any application, in almost any material is possible.

    For example today many cast iron applications are successfully being finished with this process as well as an equal amount of other materials. These materials include varieties of hard and soft steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, ceramics, chrome, as well as multi-material assemblies.

    The single-pass honing process is also now capable of finishing most blind bores and well as through-bores. Other advanced variations of this process include, dual diameter finishing, seat finishing, extended bore length finishing, and cross-hatch pattern finishing.

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