Engis expertise enables the manufacturing of consistent, high-quality micron diamond and CBN powders whose properties are precisely defined and controlled for consistent performance in each application. From high-pressure, high-temperature sintering of PDC/PCD and PCBN products to lapping and polishing to the manufacturing of superabrasive tools.

Owing to unique expertise developed in-house to characterize properties of micron diamond and CBN powders – from particle size and particle shape distributions to purity and surface cleanliness to fracture strength and mode - Engis Corporation is on the cutting edge of the development of micron superabrasive powders.

The following White Papers are available for download; click on the title.  Authored by Ion C. Benea, Ph.D.,  Steve Griffin, and Benjamin R. Rosczyk


A Study On Fracture Characteristics Of Micron Diamond Powders Under Static High-pressure Conditions

Crystallographic Defects and Mechanical Strength of Micron Size Monocrystalline  Diamond
Diamond Synthesis “The science”  A Theoretical and Experimental Study 
Fracture Characteristics Of Micron Diamond Particles Monocrystalline Vs  Polycrystalline
Particle Size And Size Distribution Of Superabrasive Powders 
High-pressure, high-temperature plastic deformation of sintered diamonds
Micron Diamond Types/Products