Dia-ForZ Foundry Grinding Products

Dia-ForZ® (Diamond Force) diamond plated grinding wheels offer significant advantages over conventional bonded abrasive wheels for Foundry applications. The advantages of the Dia-ForZ range over conventional resin bonded wheels include:

  • Increased safety – wheel body does not break or come apart due to abuse or over-speeding
  • Increased cutting action resulting in better ergonomics and less fatigue
  • Longer wheel life resulting in improved productivity and lower costs
  • No loss of wheel diameter or peripheral wheel speed due to wheel wear
  • Virtually no grinding dust from wheel wear
  • All products are manufactured in the USA at our family-owned company in Wheeling, Illinois

Engis is a leader in the manufacture of plated wheels for use in Robotic Grinding Cells, including Barinder and Maus systems. With our extensive experience in the plated tool business, we manufacture electroplated wheels to any shape and design meet the most demanding application requirement.

Click here to read how Grede Foundries, Inc. and Waupaca Foundry have tested and now endorse Dia-ForZ products in their foundry cleaning rooms.                

Wheels for Robotic Cells

Dia-ForZ diamond plated grinding wheels for robotic cells provide several significant advantages when compared to other snagging wheels.        

Wheels for Off-hand Grinding Operation

Dia-ForZ diamond plated grinding wheels offer your Cleaning Room several significant advantages over conventional resin bonded abrasive wheels for portable foundry applications.

Diamond Plated Burrs

Dia-ForZ diamond plated burrs offer significant advantages over standard solid carbide burrs for foundry applications.

Dia-ForZ Product Development

At Engis, product development never stands still. Our team of product engineers is working on several new Dia-ForZ products to complete our product offering for you.


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Dia-ForZ Foundry Grinding Products