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Grind "2" CMP - The Journey!



The capability to quickly and efficiently produce quality wafer surfaces in pilot line and R & D applications is key in today’s rapidly changing semiconductor environment. The engineers at Engis have developed a grind straight to polish process to meet these challenges for most compound semiconductor materials should that be bulk wafer or back thinning applications. Follow the process in our virtual exhibit and see how Engis can assist you in your processing challenges.



Stock Removal and Nano Grinding 

By adopting a stock removal and or nano grinding approach, surface roughness figures of 2nm Ra can be achieved therefore facilitating the capability to go straight to CMP after grinding. Watch Video!

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CMP Chemical Mechanical Polishing 


Post-Grinding Engis offers specifically developed machines and consumable products capable of efficiently producing Epi surfaces on virtually all semiconductor materials.   

Semiconductor Wafer Grinding & Back Thinning


  • SiC
  • Si
  • AI203
  • GaN
  • GaAs
  • InP
  • AIN
  • Others

The CMP Process!                                            Download TDS, Case Studies & Watch Videos

Grinder Video

The HVG Series Vertical Wafer Grinding Machine is designed to grind advanced materials to a high degree of precision in flatness and surface quality, often reducing or eliminating the need for lapping.
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Technical Data Specs

The HVG Series machines are equipped with Engis grinding wheels based on the MAD Wheel (MixedAbrasive Diamond) technology, which tailors the wheel to the material being processed.
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Abstract This paper presents a novel surface finishing process and consumables for achieving an epi-ready finish on the Al-face of Aluminum Nitride (AlN) single crystal substrates and wafers.

BG & Polishing of InP Wafer

Indium phosphide wafer lapping can minimize the burden on the final CMP step by creating a low Ra surface finish while maintaining superior flatness.

6" 4H SiC Grinding to CMP

6" 4H SiC Grind tom CMP Consumables for ENGIS HVG Grinder to process SiC Wafers. In our video see the incoming wafers and their surface roughness improvements.
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InP Back Thinning Process

Engis developed vitrified bonded mechanochemical diamond stones containing other abrasives, which are used for loose abrasive polishing. They investigated the superfinishing...
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