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The EVG Series Grinding Machines

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The EVG Series Vertical Grinding Machine is designed to grind advanced materials to a high degree of precision in flatness and surface quality, often reducing or eliminating the need for lapping. The compact design with advanced controls and process monitoring make this an ideal machine for use in research & development or for low volume production of advanced components. 

• Semiconductor wafer grinding or back-thinning of advanced materials  such as: 

  • SiC
  • GaAs
  • Sapphire
  • Si
  • GaN
  • AlN
  • InP
• Semiconductor equipment components (ceramic chucks, ULE glass)

• Substrates for semiconductor advanced packaging including MEMS (ceramic, polyimide)

M.A.D. Technology 

The EVG Series machines are equipped with Engis grinding wheels based on the MAD Wheel (Mixed Abrasive Diamond) Technology, which tailors the wheel specification to the material being processed for optimum performance.

Advanced Control Options 

The EVG-AD and EVG-ADM models are equipped with controls that provide automated grinding wheel dressing, automated positioning of the grinding wheel relative to the workpiece and workpiece thickness measurement. For maximum control, an upgrade to in-process thickness measurement with feedback to the grinding cycle in real-time, is available. The ADM model offers automated thickness options: multi-point contact probing for multiple wafer grinding or a choice of contact or non-contact continuous in- process measurement for single wafer.

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